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Private and Semi-Private Classes
For those whose program does not match up with the schedule of public classes, private Yoga instruction is offered at the IYI. These one-hour sessions are arranged by appointment.

Instructors are available to travel and can offer a workshop or a ten-day course out of station for colleges or business offices.

Yoga for Elders and Women
Yoga for eldersIf you think you are too stiff or too old for Yoga, you may be in for a surprise! This course consists of adapted poses and practices which can be practiced by almost anyone who can walk and breathe. The classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for one hour at 5:00PM. Fees are Rs.25 per class.

Yoga for Children
The adult Yoga postures are adapted for a child’s body and a child’s level of awareness. Spiritual stories and concentration practices are included. Classes are one hour at 4:00PM every Sunday, and are for children ages 8 to 14. Cost is Rs. 25 per class.

Prenatal Yoga
This special session of Yoga poses and breathing practices is modified for the lady who is pregnant beyond the first trimester. Please call to confirm class.

Back Relief
A special session of Yoga-based movement is designed to assist a person suffering from back pain. This class is conducted by specially trained Yoga teachers to ensure that all movements are completely safe and carefully supervised. By appointment only.

Meditation Instruction
Once a month a 3 day course is offered to help beginning meditators become established in a daily meditation practice. This course will offer different types of meditation to best suit the individual needs. Cost is Rs. 250.

Registration Information
All programs and classes take place at the Integral Yoga Institute unless otherwise indicated. Registration for course classes and retreats is required in person, at least two days in advance of the function, at the Integral Yoga Institute, Coimbatore.

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