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Healthy Heart programmemeThe Healthy Heart programme is a 6-day residential programme designed for heart patients, sponsored jointly by R.K.Nature Cure Home and the Integral Yoga Institute.

Indians are three times more prone to heart disease than Europeans. The modern lifestyle factors which include lack of physical activity, obisity, a high fat diet, stress & tension alcohol & smoking, takes us unaware & strukes fataly as heart attacks which accounts for approximate - 60% deaths The Healthy Heart programme, in a detailed way, which educaties participants about various risk factors and enumerates the lifestyle changes that need to be made to prevent the disease.

Comprehensive lifestyle programmes to treat and reverse heart disease have become very popular in the United States. Dr. Dean Ornish was able to demonstrate that by adopting a yogic lifestyle, heart disease could be reversed, symptoms relieved, surgery avoided, and quality of life restored. The approach and practices used in this programme are all based on the science of Yoga.

Dr. D.Thilakavathy, a qualified person in Preventive & Promotive Health Care with special interest in Cardiac care, provides educational sessions to help patients understand their disease, learn how to reduce the risk factors, and guides the patients in self-awareness and developing healthy emotional expression.

In order to provide personal attention, registration is limited to 12 persons. The cost for the programme is Rs. 5,000. This fee includes all meals, professional staff, course materials, accommodations, and activities including lectures, stress management workshops, exercise sessions, and group discussions. The diet is Natural, Cleansing, Therapertic, vegetarian, using low-fat recipes.

Contact us for a detailed information packet at iyicbe@vsnl.net

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